Primary Schools League


About the league

The Primary Schools' Badminton League has been running for 16 years. We encourage competition at grass roots level. All matches have scorers and we welcome new schools to enter the league. HJBC can also offer practical help and advice on joining the league. Matches are arranged by HJBC and played on Sunday afternoons at Freedom Leisure, Helenswood. We can also introduce and develop badminton in schools. 

If you want any further information or advice please contact 

David Fletcher Mob: 07538 178570


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Results & Fixtures 2019/20

Silverdale 9-7 St Leonards

Guestling 7-6 Christchurch

West St Leonards 9-3 Silverdale

Guestling 8-6 St Leonards


Sunday 24th November 2-3pm at Helenswood

West St Leonards v Christchurch

Guestling v Silverdale


2018/19 Winners Christchurch

Winners Christchurch


Christchurch have won the league

 for the 2nd time.

They last won the league in 2010 and 

have finished Runners-up on 2 occasions.

Runners-up St Leonards Cof E


St Leonards CofE finished Runners-up. 

Last season they finished 3rd

They have previously won the league

on 3 occasions


2017/18 Winners Shuttlers

Players from Little Ridge, Battle & Langton, St Pauls, Tenterden, King Offa, Blacklands & Brede 


Runners-up Pebsham


3rd place St Leonards CofE

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