Junior Wheelchair Badminton

Check out this great video

junior wheelchair badminton


Is being launched

in partnership with Freedom Leisure, Helenswood

4 week trial period

September Saturdays 7, 14, 21, 28, 3.30-4.30pm

Sessions are free of charge

but you will need to book a place

numbers are limited to 8 each session

sessions will be run by David Fletcher who is a

Badminton England Level 2 Coach and is DBS cleared 

For more information or to book a place for junior wheelchair badminton please contact

David Fletcher 07538 178 570

Junior Wheelchair Badminton is launched



A small group, which we hope will increase as news gets out

Getting Started


The nets were lowered

Hand Eye Coordination


and balloons used because they are much slower than shuttlecocks. This makes it easier for the students

Shark Attack


Parents helped with this game. Students balance a shuttlecock on their racket with one hand and knock other players shuttlecocks off using their other hand

Slalom Relay Race


zig zag through the cones, place a shuttlecock  on top of the last cone. Go back to the start and the next player does the same

This way that way


Students have to watch my racket and whichever way it points, go in the opposite direction